CHAPTER 8: Appraisal Assistant Comparing Parcels

Once you have selected a Subject and up to six comparables, you can compare these parcels using the Compare feature. Simply click the "Compare" button located in the left menu under your Subject and let the Compare program do the rest. Below is an example comparison. The owner's name and address are blurred out in the handbook but not on the actual Compare screen.

Compare Page

As you can see, the Compare page is broken into six sections.
Compare Page Sections
The top section of the Compare Page shows the Owner's Name, the Parcel Address, the Parcel School District and Parcel Size. The Parcel Size will show up in either square feet or acres, depending on how the assessor has entered the data.

The Sales Information section displays the latest sale date and the associated sale price. Previous sales, if any exist, are not shown.

The parcel value section displays Assessed Land, Assessed Improvements, Assessed Other, Market Land, Market Improvements, and Market Other values. The Assessed values are the Market values multiplied by the tax rate. Improvements are generally defined as buildings on the property, while Other usually refers to Mobile Homes.

The Land Information section displays the Land Usage for the parcel. Large parcels may have several of these shown. Type, size, and value are the three things listed in each land block.

The Parcel Features section displays any patios, swimming pools, sheds, etc. on the parcel and their value.

The Residential Buildings section shows information about each Residential Building on each parcel. Building style, type, square feet, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, quality, year built, and other information is displayed for each building.

Comparable Worksheet
You can access the Comparable Worksheet page by clicking on the "Compare Worksheet" button at the top of the Comparables page. The Comparable Worksheet was designed specifically for printing and is based on the Competitive closed sales section of the Fannie Mae BPO form. The worksheet is only reliable for parcels with one house. A screenshot of the worksheet is below.

Comparable Worksheet